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Our factory started to produce the hammocks and hanging chairs from 2004, we worked as a individual business. We had only 20 workers at that time, our boss worked with his father, mother and the stuffs. At that time, all of the raw materials were purchased from suppliers, and we mostly manufactured for trading companies,produced according to their samples or request.

After 2 years developing, in 2006, we had about 50 stuffs. At that moment, we had big demand of fabrics, the wood spread bar, and the rope. So we bought our first product line of the rope twisting, and also produce the wood spread bar ourselves, and have our own design team.

The first rope twisting product line
The wood process shop
The wood drying
The wood drying

In 2008, we registered our factory Yueqing Hengda Artware Co., Ltd., Products export to all over the world

In 2010, in order to control the fabric quality and the cost, we start to produce the fabric ourselves. We bought 12 units of looms, we can produce 1000m per day. From then, all of our cotton fabric was produced by ourselves, it helps much on control the quality and shipping on time. At that time, our products has export to all over the world by trading company, and we also start our own export business.

Fabric weaving
Fabric weaving

After 2012, we gradually found the rope we produced can not meet our demand, we have to purchased the rope from supplier, too. Because the selling of the hammocks and hanging chairs were improved year after year, and we produced tens of thousands of the macrame hanging chair every year, which was mostly made from rope. Therefore, in 2013, we bought another rope product line, great increased the rope production capacity.

Rope producing
Rope producing

There are about 500 housewives in nearby county made the macrame hanging chairs for us. We send the materials to their home and take the macrame hanging chair back to factory everyday.

So since 2013, the raw materials including the rope, the wood spread bar, and the poly-cotton fabric were all produced by ourselves. On this basis, we can control the quality of our products easily, and also guarantee the shipping time much easy. And became the vendor of Walmart, America.

In 2014, we improved the equipment of the wood shop, enlarged the wood heating machine. At the same year, we became the vendor of Walmart.

Wood spread bar heating machine
Wood spread bar hole drilling

In 2015, we invested in a steel hammock stand factory. And established Outdoorpro Industry Limited for exporting.

In 2018, we invested in a wicker hanging chair factory, they start to produce the wicker hanging chair from 2014, the quality is much better then others.

In 2020, we purchased an automatic fabric cutting machine


Automatic fabric cutting machine

In 2021, we have a turnover of USD10 Million.

All of these achievements made us one of the biggest hammock factory in China.And this is not the end, we believe we will keep developing with all of our cooperators together.

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